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Cubic recognized by USASOC for synthetic intelligence training tool

By October 13, 2020No Comments

In today’s business culture it takes time and a dedicated team of true professionals to build the strong team necessary to navigate today’s complex business environment. 

Through listening to our clients and gaining a comprehensive understanding of their problems, Front Line Advisory Group has established systematic approaches based on proven success principals within the Program Management and Process Improvement industry. Through the execution of these principle-based objectives, our clients are empowered to find the most efficient and effective ways to logically accomplish their goals. 

We would like to applaud our partner, Cubic, Inc, in recently demonstrating a Synthetic Intelligence training tool to the USASOC (United States Army Special Operations Command) Director of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. 

Through a collaborative engagement with Front Line Advisory Group, Cubic has been recognized as providing a product capable of uniquely enhancing the abilities of current and future leaders within Special Forces Officer community. As relationships like these continue to grow, our firm remains integral in the development and creation of important relationships within the Department of Defense Special Operations community.


SITREP: C Co, 4th BN, 1st SWTG (A)
DTG: (04 SEP-17 SEP 2020)

Build and Strengthen Relationships

(SWCS Priority: Pursue) C/4-1 Explores the potential benefits of newly available tech. 

C/4-1 participated in a comprehensive demo of “Cubic”, a synthetic intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (SYN ISR) product offered by Front Line Advisory Group through the USASOC Director of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. 

This capability could potentially be used to seamlessly inject scenario based training into existing practical exercises, as well as familiarize students to remote advise and assist (RAA) operations. 

SYN ISR appears to provide numerous training benefits including: introduction to risk mitigation through technical means, the roles of the Ground Force Commander, operational realism, and rapport with the PF by augmenting their own capabilities. The unique enhancing capabilities of SYN ISR has the potential to further mesh training and technology in order to produce a better equipped Special Forces Officer.