Cubic Inc.

Business Development Support Army Future Warfare Command FY20

Summary of Services

Front Line Advisory Group currently serves as the main defense consultant providing services to Cubic for a synthetic intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance model designed to enhance situational awareness and promote a tactical edge in training.

Our firm is responsible for program management support including proposal writing, technical expertise, SME support and opportunity identification related to synthetic intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance for the military.

Through a combination of consulting and integration processes our firm acts as a senior advisor and liaison to other organizations and entities within the Department of Defense.  By providing direction to research, design, develop and vendor facilitation. Our firm has delivered a sustainable performance metrics and quantifiable outcomes. We evaluate our vendors capabilities to assist with providing services and propositions for compliance and potential partnership within the Department of Defense community.

Front Line Advisory Group has implemented metrics ensuring project success throughout the project portfolio so that the desired benefits are achieved, and time and costs are minimized.


Austin, Texas


Defense Contracting Project Management

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