Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)


Summary of Services

Front Line Advisory Group currently serves as the program consultant providing services to the DARPA LogX program to develop and demonstrate software for real-time logistics and supply chain system situational awareness (diagnosis), future state prediction (prognosis) and resilience10 at unprecedented scale and speed.

Our firm is responsible for program management support including proposal writing, technical expertise, SME provision and opportunity identification related to logistics, while assisting in building a capability to work alongside existing logistics information systems that exploits the recent migration of logistics information to digital formats and cloud-based deployment.

Across a combination of advisory and integration processes our firm supports the impact of information dynamics and networks on the state of the physical logistics and supply chain enterprise, to include both military and commercial elements.

Front Line Advisory Group has implemented metrics ensuring project success throughout the project portfolio so that the desired benefits are achieved, and time and costs are minimized.


Austin, Texas


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