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Maricopa County Strategic Consulting

Summary of Services

Front Line Advisory Group was commissioned to serve as the primary strategic Consultant to support efforts within Maricopa County in developing clearly defined visions for its future. Front Line Advisory Group will work in partnership to assist Maricopa County with its succession planning and other organizational management needs, by providing professional services including, but not
limited, to:

  • Leadership development
    Developing the skills of leadership including, but not
    limited to, communication, ability to motivate others, decision making, and accountability.
  • Organizational analysis and process improvement
    Assess current effectiveness of the existing workforce including work processes and procedures, programs, measurement, and structure. Identify underlying management and cultural challenges. Develop recommendations and solutions based on the assessment.
  • Management and supervision training
    Develop training strategies for the adult learners including workshops, lectures, group discussions, case studies, skill practices, or other agreed upon methods based upon identified competencies required that enables participants to understand how they contribute to the health of the organization.
  • Succession planning
    Assess and understand County’s workforce needs and develop a plan focusing on targeted improvements to recruitment, selection, workforce training, and promotional processes needed to develop a sustainable organization.
  • Coaching
    Provide coaching services to middle, senior, and executive level staff assisting them with learning the skills needed for effective team building, performance management, and organizational effectiveness.

Front Line Advisory Group delivers support to the stakeholder and will work with County departments for approval of all programs, trainings, and processes utilized to provide the requested services. promoting Maricopa County through impact analysis of changes and direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts.


Maricopa County, Arizona


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