Enterprise Program Management

At Front Line Advisory Group, we believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything. As a team of experienced business professionals, Special Operations soldiers, fathers, husbands and wives. We are influenced by a consistent mantra emphasized within many elite military organizations “selection is an ongoing process” meaning, if you aren’t deliberately trying to do your best someone is there to take your place.

The concept of Enterprise Program Management

Organizations in today’s world of instant communication no longer can localize incompetence to one department or project and expect things to go unnoticed. Firms with multiple projects intertwining a collection of departments, and all of which are competing for limited resources, cannot pretend that simple project management resides in a vacuum without having cascading negative effects on the entire organization.

Enterprise Program Management (EPM) approaches organizations comprehensively; by understanding that leaders must create solutions to improve the entire corporation; not just a temporary task designed to achieve a single objective. Thoroughly evaluating the most critical aspects of the present situation, or current state, and seeking to accurately frame the problem to develop a specific approach. Ultimately Enterprise Program Management develops an entire plan to not only better manage one project but to achieve the desired end state that accelerates the growth of the whole organization.

The current model of focusing on project management or considering a “program” as a segmented aspect of the whole is not only the definition of a silo approach but an obsolete model in modern business, military or other public efforts.

Results matter, Enterprise Program Management concentrates on not just doing the right things but doing things right. Consequently, aligning with the organization’s larger objective while maximizing efficiencies, standardizing processes and improving overall decision making.

Front Line Advisory Group demonstrates Enterprise Program Management as a set of actions encompassing the traditional tracking, monitoring, and reporting. We ensure leadership is focused on designing these actions to align with a larger set of strategic outcomes.

Organization Process Improvement

Front Line Advisory Group considers process improvement one of the most creative phases of overall development process, requiring collaboration and coordination on all levels supporting strategic initiatives.

Our firm is focused on not just doing things right but doing the right things, the right way based on an organization’s desired outcome.

In-line with our philosophy, how you do one thing is how you do everything, we base our improvement approach on root cause analysis in order to identify fundamental elements of each process. From operational design to the final deliverable – our aim is to improve the entire value chain.

Through a systematic and disciplined approach to solving process problems beginning with clearing identifying our client’s desired outcome and working back to the finest detail necessary for ultimate achievement. Our team moves past traditional “best practices” to memorializing procedures and methods unique to your organizations competitive advantage.

Through our years of success in assisting our partners and clients achieve customized solutions to their business needs, we have developed and implemented an assessment method that best identifies the areas of greatest improvement and highest risks for an organization. Our team of highly qualified process improvement professionals are ready to evaluate your organizations distinctive set of needs to best optimize productivity and reduce unnecessary risks and waste.

Identify current state – What are the present set of circumstances within the entire business organization or on one or more specific processes within a department or team?

Develop a clear and measurable desired end state – What are the set of required conditions that defines achievement of the organization’s objectives?

Framing the Problem – What are the obstacles/gaps between reaching the desired end state from current state. The purpose is to create a problem statement that identifies and focuses on the root cause, as opposed to one of its symptoms.

Develop an operational approach – What actions need to be performed, what paradigm shifts must be enacted, in order to progress from the existing conditions to desired end state? The operational approach will serve as the basis for the detailed planning essential to achieving the objectives necessary to bring about the desired end state.

Develop the Plan – We work with organizational leadership to develop a course of action with individualized options, all oriented on accomplishing your team’s anticipated goals. A good course of action provides flexibility to meet unforeseen events during execution while offering maximum latitude for individual initiative.

Exceptional teams understand that progress can be incremental; requiring clear goals, committed leaders and stakeholders willing to put forth the effort necessary to achieve greatness. Front Line Advisory Group understands how to work with organizations to plainly outline the criterions for success with well communicated lines of effort required to realize expectations.

Defense and Intelligence Program Support

Front Line Advisory Group currently serves as the main defense consultant providing services to Cubic for a synthetic intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance model designed to enhance situational awareness and promote a tactical edge in training within the special operations forces (SOF) community.

Our firm is responsible for program management support including proposal writing, technical expertise, small and medium-sized enterprise support and opportunity identification related to synthetic intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance for the military. In the new age of combat training it is ever more crucial to prepare our soldiers before deployment. The battlefield has changed, and so must the tools our soldiers train with. Defense Innovation’s force on force systems are the latest training tool available.

Within the growing partnership between Front Line Advisory Group, Cubic, and the SOF community the development of an intelligence-driven mode of operations enabled by niche technologies, a decentralized command-and-control structure, and a unique budgeting process has flourished.

In the environment where SOF members are in great demand to perform strategically important missions, using unmanned aerial vehicles and precision-guided munitions and other technologies. The partnership between Front Line Advisory Group and Cubic has breached the forefront of military innovation. By expanding numbers, and taking on new responsibilities for planning and synchronizing global operations putting forward the alternative to integrate science and understanding with tools and technology has allowed the early adoption of concepts and technologies within the SOF population both at training levels and beyond.

Through a combination of consulting and integration processes we act as a senior advisor and liaison to other organizations and entities within the Department of Defense, providing direction to research, design, develop and vendor facilitation and delivering sustainable performance metrics and quantifiable outcomes. We evaluate our vendors capabilities to assist with providing services and propositions for compliance and potential partnership within Department of Defense innovation.

Front Line Advisory Group has implemented metrics that ensure project success throughout the project portfolio so that the desired benefits are achieved, and time and costs are minimized.

The ability to align individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives is the power that allows common people to attain uncommon outcomes. Whether we play a large or small role, by working together we enjoy making our clients goals a reality. Come discover your future with FLAG